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Commodity Price
  • ( )
  • Bajara Kasganj (U.P.)( 1200 )
  • Barley Aliganj (U.P.)( 1200 )
  • Bengal Gram Bellary (Karnataka)( 3800 )
  • Bengal Gram - 315 Betul (M.P.)( 3300 )
  • Coriander Shajapur (M.P.)( 4800 )
  • Coriander(Round) Guntakal (A.P.)( 5700 )
  • Dollar Gram Khategaon (M.P.)( 5500 )
  • Dry Dates Deesa (Gujrat)( 74000 )
  • Gram Mathura (U.P.)( 4000 )
  • Green Gram - PDM-139 Indore (M.P.)( 3850 )
  • Jowar (Mahindra) Anathapur (A.P.)( 1475 )
  • Lab Lab Nenava (Gujrat)( 8350 )
  • Maize Madhepura (Bihar)( 1250 )
  • Masoor Dewas (M.P.)( 2600 )
  • Mustard Seed Kurwai (M.P.)( 3600 )
  • Paddy Gadag (Karnataka)( 2125 )
  • Paddy (sona) Chippagiri (A.P.)( 2050 )
  • Raisin Sangali (Maharashtra)( 18000 )
  • Red Chilli (Baydgi) Tarapur (Maharashtra)( 11000 )
  • Red Chilli (Bydigi) Sindhanur (Karnataka)( 17500 )
  • Soyabean Tasgaon (Maharashtra)( 3800 )
  • Wheat Samastipur (Bihar)( 1540 )
  • Yellow Pee Ujjain (M.P.)( 2100 )
Collateral Warehousing Management Services
Collateral Warehouse Management is a custodial service offered to the Banks by professional warehouse managers for safe keeping of the commodity during the loan tenure.
Collateral Warehousing Manager is the bank’s representative, who takes physical charge of the commodity offered as pledge by the borrower into his custody, supervises during the tenure and finally returns the commodity back to the borrower on repayment of loan on the bank’s written instruction.
As a professional Warehouse Manager and “paid Custodian” of the pledged commodities, the Collateral Manager is responsible for the safe keeping of the commodities pledged to the Bank. Further, the CM is supposed to accept the commodity for custody, take proper care while in storage and deliver the product safely to the owner after completion of the custodial period is over and only at the instructions of the lending bank for which CM is the custodian.
The CM’s duty includes
Conducting the business of the principal as per his directions, carry out work with normal skill and diligence and render proper accounts.
Communicate to the principal on any usual and unusual developments.
Should not deal on ones’ own in any matter without clear instructions from the principals.
Functions of Collateral Manager
Collateral Manager’s prime responsibility is supervision, safekeeping and monitoring of
Commodity incoming
Commodity in storage

Quality checks of  Commodity during storage

Commodity release
Services offered by Collateral Manager
Pre-storage inspection of warehouses
Supervision of incoming Commodities

Supervision of house-keeping during the storage period

Delivery of commodities
Record keeping
Mandatory Reports to bank
Audit of stocks
Reports to Head Office
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