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Commodity Price
  • Bajara Kasganj (U.P.)( 1165 )
  • Barley Aliganj (U.P.)( 1575 )
  • Bengal Gram Bellary (Karnataka)( 5100 )
  • Bengal Gram Ratlam (M.P.)( 4250 )
  • Castor Seed Deesa (Gujrat)( 3175 )
  • Coriander (Badami) Shajapur (M.P.)( 4200 )
  • Coriander(Round) Guntakal (A.P.)( 5300 )
  • Cotton Seed(Sarki) Ujjain (M.P.)( 2000 )
  • Dollar Gram Khategaon (M.P.)( 10250 )
  • Gram Mathura (U.P.)( 5350 )
  • Green Gram Indore (M.P.)( 3350 )
  • Groundnut Patan (Gujrat)( 4000 )
  • Jowar (White) Anathapur (A.P.)( 2100 )
  • Maize Madhepura (Bihar)( 1225 )
  • Mustard Seed Pipariya (M.P.)( 3325 )
  • Paddy Gadag (Karnataka)( 2450 )
  • Paddy (sona) Chippagiri (A.P.)( 2350 )
  • Paddy( RC GIRI) Sangali (Maharashtra)( 2500 )
  • Pea (matar) Dewas (M.P.)( 2500 )
  • Raisin Sangali (Maharashtra)( 13500 )
  • Red Chili(Bydigi) Sindhanur (Karnataka)( 12800 )
  • Red Chilli(Baydgi) Nagbhid (Maharashtra)( 14350 )
  • Soyabean Tasgaon (Maharashtra)( 2850 )
  • Wheat Samastipur (Bihar)( 1595 )
Cereals / Grains
Edible Nuts
Fibre Crops
Oil Cake
Oil Seeds
Spices and Condiments
Oil Seeds
The processed soybean is the largest source of protein feed and second largest source of vegetable oil in the world. The major portion of the global and domestic crop is solvent-extracted with hexane to yield soy oil and obtain Soymeal, which is widely used in the animal feed industry.

USA, Brazil, Argentina, China and India are the largest soybean producing countries in the world.
Cotton Seed
Cotton has been growing from many decades ago. It’s more important crop and it has its own important. Cotton seed is removing from raw cotton after ginning process. Cotton seed has its own kingdom in globe for usefulness for various purposes. Botanical Name is Gossypium Spp.
Cotton seed has wide range of uses. Cotton seed oil is edible for human consumption purpose and more tasty and scientifically more effectively. Cotton seed is rich in protein so it is useful as a feed for animal
Castor seeds
Its seed is the castor bean, which, despite its name, is not a true bean. Castor is indigenous to the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa, and India,
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