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Commodity Price
  • Bajara Kasganj (U.P.)( 1165 )
  • Barley Aliganj (U.P.)( 1575 )
  • Bengal Gram Bellary (Karnataka)( 5100 )
  • Bengal Gram Ratlam (M.P.)( 4250 )
  • Castor Seed Deesa (Gujrat)( 3175 )
  • Coriander (Badami) Shajapur (M.P.)( 4200 )
  • Coriander(Round) Guntakal (A.P.)( 5300 )
  • Cotton Seed(Sarki) Ujjain (M.P.)( 2000 )
  • Dollar Gram Khategaon (M.P.)( 10250 )
  • Gram Mathura (U.P.)( 5350 )
  • Green Gram Indore (M.P.)( 3350 )
  • Groundnut Patan (Gujrat)( 4000 )
  • Jowar (White) Anathapur (A.P.)( 2100 )
  • Maize Madhepura (Bihar)( 1225 )
  • Mustard Seed Pipariya (M.P.)( 3325 )
  • Paddy Gadag (Karnataka)( 2450 )
  • Paddy (sona) Chippagiri (A.P.)( 2350 )
  • Paddy( RC GIRI) Sangali (Maharashtra)( 2500 )
  • Pea (matar) Dewas (M.P.)( 2500 )
  • Raisin Sangali (Maharashtra)( 13500 )
  • Red Chili(Bydigi) Sindhanur (Karnataka)( 12800 )
  • Red Chilli(Baydgi) Nagbhid (Maharashtra)( 14350 )
  • Soyabean Tasgaon (Maharashtra)( 2850 )
  • Wheat Samastipur (Bihar)( 1595 )
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Oil Cake
Cotton Seeds Oil Cake
Cotton seed oil cake is made from cotton seed after extracted oil from it.This way it is residual part of cotton seed with available of oil content. Raw cotton goes for ginning process after gin its separate cotton linter from its seed. Cotton seed goes in oil mil for removing oil from it. After removing oil from seed some part remains residual its call cotton seed oil cake,
Cotton seed oil cake is very useful for as a feed for cattle. It is widely use for animal feed because in it much more oil content so it is so favorable. It is useful as an organic fertilizer for soil health to get more crops.
Oil Cake
Oil-cake is the residue obtained after the greater part of the oil has been extracted from an oilseed. Oil-cakes are rich in protein and most are valuable food for farm animals. Animal feeds consist of carbohydrates, fats and oils, and proteins, together with smaller amounts of minerals and vitamins which are essential for the proper functioning of body metabolic processes.
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